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As a team leader, manager, executive, and so forth, how can you keep high morale within your teams? An essential part of keeping productivity in it’s prime is ensuring that individuals feel at ease with the whole team. Whether it’s discussing important business matters or participating in fun team activities, a well-executed corporate retreat can help people mesh better with their fellow co-workers and provide a much-needed break from business as usual. We pride ourselves on being one of the best corporate retreat locations in Virginia and have everything you need to pull off the perfect company getaway.

Best Corporate Retreat Location in Virginia

sunset over the valley

Only an hour away from the DC area and situated amongst the beautiful Virginia foothills, the Shenandoah Valley is a fantastic place to get away from it all. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, the calm and serene natural surroundings will help to keep your team focused, but also inspired and refreshed. As the ideal place for a relaxing weekend retreat, we offer a selection of luxurious amenities and specials like our in-room spa services and so much more. Our Virginia bed and breakfast sets the stage for a productive and relaxing business retreat.

Constructive Meeting Space

the meeting room at Glen Gordon

When the time comes for people to put their heads together and work through a problem, discuss strategies, or just get a project done, we’ve got you covered. Included in our special retreat package is access to our exclusive meeting and dining rooms. Talk with co-workers, collaborate on projects and streamline your productivity within the privacy of your own meeting areas. In addition, meal services, optional break-out sessions with snacks, and assistance with planning team activities are all available with other options included for a customizable retreat experience.

Nourishment is Key to Productivity

a group of people having a business lunch

The great military strategist Napoleone Bonaparte is famously attributed with coining the phrase “an army marches on its stomach” and the truth of his statement rings true in the corporate world as well. Here at Glen Gordon, we have many ways of ensuring that your retreat participants get plenty of delicious food, that way you can focus on making sure the retreat goes off without a hitch! Meal plans are provided for all three times of the day, including breakfast and satisfying entrées by our award-winning Houndstooth Restaurant. We always recommend pairing your cuisine with a drink from our extensive wine list. All our prepared meals, as well as menu items at our restaurants, are prepared by our world-renowned and awarded chef Dayn Smith, so you’re guaranteed a culinary experience unlike anything else in the area.

Luxury Amenities

a woman getting a massage

A good corporate retreat isn’t always just work, sometimes the best way to ensure people perform their best is to certify they are comfortable and relaxed. Employees can rest and recharge, sample some of our delicious food, and let the stress melt away with a massage, all from the comfort of their own room! Our beautiful and cozy suites are at the core of our retreat experience as we offer a variety of Virginia lodging room types with different amenities, so you can find the best fit for everyone on your team.

Employee Bonding

Kitchen at Glen Gordon Manor with fruits and vegetables on the counter

What would a corporate retreat be without some classic team bonding exercises? But forget dull icebreakers or awkward conversations, spice things up with some of our featured team experiences! Take your group on a culinary adventure with a cooking class led by our resident chef Dayn Smith, go on a wine-tasting excursion in the country, or even hold a team cook-off competition! Designed to encourage cooperation and strengthen unity, there’s no better way to ensure an unforgettable getaway for your team.

Now that you’ve seen a taste of what we offer at Glen Gordon Manor, why not take the plunge and book with us? We’ll provide the amenities and you provide the team, and together we can create something truly special. We hope to see you come and visit us soon!

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